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EuroLeague Overreactions, Dusko’s Effect & Can PAO Bounce Back? (URBONUS) / News - Basketnews.com


URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas, Rytis Vysniauskas, and Augustas Suliauskas take a look back at the first month of the EuroLeague season. They discuss early MVP candidates, rank the new head coaches, share their thoughts on early overreactions, highlight best rookies, and discuss the major elite players’ absences.


Zeljko vs. Messina & guarding Mike James (0:00); Early MVP race candidates (8:07); Pozzecco’s vs. Banchi’s effect (20:23); Should we trust in Sfairopoulos’ effect? (35:27); Funny Raja Bell’s story about Dusko Ivanovic (40:59); Worst Moneke & Wembanyama pronunciations (45:10); Top EuroLeague player that everybody’s missing (47:59); Did Olympiacos’ fans overreact? (56:20); Overreaction about Maccabi & Sarunas Jasikevicius (58:30); Overreaction about Real Madrid (1:05:10); EuroLeague teams to watch recommendations (1:08:10); Why Monaco might be the most exciting team to watch (1:10:20); Why Valencia reminds us of Zalgiris (1:16:00); Why Belinelli could become the most annoying player (1:21:00); What if Shengelia signed with Panathinaikos (1:24:30); Panathinaikos, Efes & Milan bounce back ranking (1:26:00); The most exciting EuroLeague rookie (1:35:30); Our favorite All-EuroLeague October team (1:39:40).

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