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LeBron James: Playing with son Bronny in NBA is 'a dream come true'


Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and son Bronny© Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

This coming season, LeBron James will do what no one has ever done in the NBA. He will play alongside his son, Bronny, after the Los Angeles Lakers selected him in the second round of last week’s NBA Draft.

Throughout his career, James talked about how much it would mean to suit up alongside his oldest son. Now that it’s reality, he’s still struggling to find the words.

“With my son, obviously, it’s a dream come true for me,” James told reporters at the USA Basketball showcase in Las Vegas on Saturday. “To see my son – to be able to be in the NBA alone, it’s always been a dream of his. For us to be side-by-side a lot of words [are] lost, to be honest.”

The Lakers selected Bronny James with the No. 55 overall pick in the draft after one year at USC. His college career got off to a rough start, though, when he suffered a cardiac arrest in a workout last summer.

Less than a year later, he heard NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum call his name, meaning James was off to the league to join his father. LeBron James reflected on Bronny’s journey and said it added to the special nature of the moment, which included many friends and family in attendance.

“The kid has worked so hard to get to this point,” James said. “There’s just so much that’s happened over the last year with him. To have this happen less than a year from his incident, to be with our friends and our family when they announced his name, it was something that was super surreal and our family still doesn’t even have enough words to explain the feeling that we have. Just such a great kid, and I’m looking forward to seeing his progression and him continuing tog et better and better as he continues to grow as a young man.

“He’s 19 years old, so he has so much room for improvement. Looking forward to helping him improve, I know the coaching staff is helping him prove and everybody on the team. It’ll be fun.”

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