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Mike Tyson told he looks "super scary" ahead of Jake Paul boxing fight


Mike Tyson has been told he looks "super scary" in a recent interview to promote his fight against Jake Paul.

Boxing legend 'Iron Mike' is back in the ring on July 20 for a professional fight against YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul at the 80,000-seat Dallas Cowboys stadium. The former undisputed heavyweight champion will be 58 years old on fight night and the 31-year age gap between him and Paul is the largest in professional boxing history.

Tyson has given up sex and smoking cannabis for six weeks to knuckle down with training and fans are convinced he is taking the fight very seriously. "In probably six weeks, I haven't gotten high or had sex. It's just discipline, it's doing what you hate to do but doing it like I love it," Tyson told Forbes.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight this summer (

One user wrote of Tyson: "This dude just looks super scary and focused, one of the greatest of all time for sure!" A second user added: "This man legitimately sounds different sober. Mans locked in." A final user commented: "Still got some speed and power even at 57… plenty of experience…. This shouldn’t even be a fight."

Tyson hasn't fought in a professional bout since retiring on his stool against journeyman Kevin McBridge almost two decades ago. The 58-year-old did go eight rounds with fellow legend Roy Jones Jr in a lacklustre exhibition four years ago and Jones is confident that Tyson can beat Paul if he is training right.

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"Jake is not going to fight in close and Jake can't stay away from him because Mike is going to close the gap real quick. I thought I could stay away from him and I couldn't stay away from him, I know that I'm better at staying away from people than Jake is. That's why Jake put the weight on," Jones told Shane Mosley.

"He knows he isn't going to be able to stay away from him, he is hoping that a bit of muscle will push him backwards and keep him off him. [Mike] is getting big enough to try and tie him up when he gets close and push him back right away. Jake doesn't fight as well as going backwards as he does coming forward."

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