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Stephen A. Smith calls Patrick Beverley's behavior 'inexcusable'


Stephen A. SmithJevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After Milwaukee Bucks point guard Patrick Beverley‘s behavior on Thursday night, media members weren’t shy about criticizing the NBA veteran. Stephen A. Smith added his voice to the chorus on Friday’s First Take, calling Beverley’s reactions both with Pacers fans whom he threw a ball at and an ESPN producer post-game he kicked out of his media scrum “inexcusable.”

“I just can’t believe he did that,” Smith said. “I’ve known Patrick Beverley for years. I love the brother. It’s inexcusable. It’s indefensible… the punishment is forthcoming and I suspect a severe one.

“When he threw the ball in the stands, he didn’t mean to hit the woman, he meant to throw it at the guy that was in front of her… but you should’ve never thrown it in the first place. It’s not something that you do. You don’t do that.”

Smith added that regardless of the circumstances with the rival fans, Beverley should show “decorum” and live up to his professional obligations.

The Milwaukee Bucks were ousted from the 2024 NBA Playoffs on Thursday night 120-98 by the Pacers and Patrick Beverley didn’t take it very well at all. At the end of the game, a Pacers fan tossed him the basketball, but Beverley proceeded to fire it right back at them in anger and frustration.

It’s the second straight season the Milwaukee Bucks have been bounced in the first round. It’s no wonder Beverley why was frustrated on Thursday night. He only had six points, two rebounds, and five assists.

Beverley kicks ESPN employee out of post-game scrum

After a bench incident saw the former Laker throw a basketball at a Pacers fan in the stands, Beverley then denied a female reporter access to his post-game locker room interview. The reason? Not subscribing to his podcast – The Pat Bev Podcast.

The Bucks point guard began taking questions but abruptly stopped to ask ESPN producer Malinda Adams if he subscribed to his podcast. She responded in the negative while noting that her coworker does subscribe. Despite that answer, Beverley went on to ask Adams if she would step out of the media scrum around his locker. The ESPN producer then left the scrum, leaving the other reporters to gather quotes without her.

Adams posted on social media on Friday morning to share that Beverley called her to apologize: “I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. I am humbled. Patrick Beverley just called me and apologized. I appreciate it and accept it. The Bucks also reached out to apologize. I’ve been in news for over 40 years and kindness and grace always win.”

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